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Our highest good

Our Tokens

Novem gold offers a gold-backed token –NNN– that makes it easy and convenient to buy any amount of gold online. For discounts on NNN and other Novem Gold products, check out our utility token NVM.

Gold backed token

NNN Token

NNN - the 999.9 token – is our gold-backed token. It is directly linked to physical gold. This means, it combines the flexibility of a blockchain token with the security of owning physical gold.

NNN Details

Utility Token

NVM Token

NVM is our utility token that enables you to pay for Novem products and services at a discount and receive bonuses when you purchase physical gold. It is also tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges.

NVM Details

Gold token benefits


Buying our gold-backed tokens has some significant benefits over buying physical gold.
This is why we consider Novem Gold tokens the smartest way to buy gold nowadays.

Save more than 90% of fees

Traditional gold traders charge fees up to 20%. Buying NNN will only charge transfer fees of 0,05 % maximum .

Trade with the whole world

NNN enables you to buy from and sell to the whole gold market, not just your local gold dealer.

Buy any amount of gold

NNN allows you to buy even the smallest amounts of gold. There is no minimum purchase quantity.

Buy at market pegged price

The days of bargaining for a good price are over. NNN enables you to buy and sell gold at market pegged price.

No transport, storage or insurance issues

Once purchased this is 100% your gold — Novem Gold keeps it safe. Novem takes care of transportation, storage and insurance matters.

Redeem your gold at any time

As the only owner of your gold, you can redeem your gold at any time.

State of the art technoligies


Security is our greatest asset. That is why we have chosen the technology for our gold backed tokens with the utmost care. To build our gold backed tokens, Novem Gold only uses technologies known for their speed and security.