A Better Way to Buy Gold

Novem Gold is changing how gold is bought, sold, and stored throughout the world.
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Nothing endures like gold

For millennia, gold has been a constant store of value for individuals and nations alike. Trading with it requires the validation of quality, quantity stored, and ownership.

In today's world, there are a number of ways to trade gold. But none offer the value and flexibility of Novem.

There are challenges to buying gold in today's market

Every solution in today's market, even those on the blockchain, have hurdles and barriers.

Novem has the only solution that democratizes access to gold, while providing the highest level of security, safety, and ease-of-access to every user.

NovemYes, take delivery
physical goldYes
gold futuresNo
etf goldNo
gold miningNo
blockchain goldNo
market price
physical goldYes (with fees)
gold futuresDepends (makets fluctuate, valuated 1 day)
etf goldDepends (more than gold futures)
gold miningNo (operating costs)
blockchain goldSometimes
third-party verifications
NovemRegular Audits
physical goldYes (by seller)
gold futuresNo
etf goldNo
gold miningNo
blockchain goldSometimes
NovemSimple to trade
physical goldNo (limited)
gold futuresYes
etf goldYes
gold miningYes
blockchain goldYes
Novemphysical goldgold futuresetf goldgold miningblockchain gold
accessibilityYes, take deliveryYesNoNoNoNo
market priceAlwaysYes (with fees)Depends (makets fluctuate, valuated 1 day)Depends (more than gold futures)No (operating costs)Sometimes
third-party verificationsRegular AuditsYes (by seller)NoNoNoSometimes
fungibilitySimple to tradeNo (limited)YesYesYesYes

Novem is the best way to buy, sell, and own gold.

Buy at market pegged price

Buy at market pegged price

Leave in storage or take delivery

Leave in storage or take delivery

3rd party gold-storage verification

3rd party gold-storage verification

Hold as gold, or sell easily

Hold as gold, or sell easily

Buying gold on Novem gives you digitally linked ownership of LBMA-certified physical gold.

Once purchased this is 100% your gold — Novem keeps it safe.

Your safety and security comes first

Most countries do not have regulatory certainty for new technologies and many of them also have the legal possibility of confiscation of gold.

That’s why we chose Liechtenstein to both store our gold, with the leading secure storage facility in the country, and found and base our company there.

It’s the perfect place and foundation for building the safest and most secure gold-backed cryptocurrency tokens.


Novem Gold stores coming to Europe's major metropolitan cities

Novem Gold isn't limited to the web, with plans to build up to 100 brick and mortar commercial stores across Europe's major metropolitan cities.

These clean, upscale locations will allow anyone to bring in old gold and have that tested for quality, and then either sell it to us for cash, or have it minted anew, and the option to store it with our storage provider in Liechtenstein. Want it tokenized? No problem: once stored, your digital ownership is delivered to a secure digital wallet that you control and is 100% backed by LBMA-certified gold.

Novem Gold Sets New Standards

Novem Gold has taken every step to make buying gold the safest, transparent, and most hassle-free gold buying experience available.


You own the gold

Even in the unlikely event that Novem Gold goes bankrupt, the gold is still entirely yours. Novem Gold's gold is held safely in trust by gold storage and handling experts Trisuna Lagerhaus / OZL in Triesen, Liechtenstein.


Better gold prices

Novem Gold's founders have spend the last 30 years building relationships in the gold industry. That translates to highly competitive gold prices for purchases, plus the ability to melt, verify, and mint old gold at coming Novem Gold stores.


Do more with your gold

Having a digitally linked ownership means that you can send your ownership of 999.9 real physical gold to anyone with a smartphone without having to worry about its security or transport.

The Team Building the Best Gold Buying Experience

International trading of precious metals and stones

Digital development

Online and offline

Business development

Project management


Wolfgang Schmid

Founder and Gold Visionary

Mario Schober

Founder and Head of Trading

Andreas Kalteis

Chief Executive Officer

Christoph Klocker

Chief Technology Officer

Partnerships with industry leaders

Novem Gold is partnered with some of the biggest names in technology and gold

Our Lawyers


Our Advisors


Our Secure Storage

Built on proven technologies

Novem Gold selects technologies known for their speed and security


About Novem Gold

Novem Gold was founded by two long-term precious metals and gemstone experts with experience in international trade in Germany, Austria, and the U.A.E.

After seeing fraud, deception, and countless problems with trust and transparency in the precious metals industry, they knew there had to be a better way for people to safely buy and sell gold.

Novem Gold is located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, a highly regulated country, and represented by Nägele in all legal matters and compliance.